About us

Our mission
We employ forward thinking strategies and keep our clients top of mind. Our mission is to provide our customers with innovative card related solutions and exceptional service from a single source. Without having to seek these solutions from multiple avenues, we’ve streamlined the process for you, thus enabling productivity, increasing efficiency and enhancing your overall business experience.
Where we started
Founded by CEO, Marc Rochman, the origins of the company began years ago in France. One of the first companies to be involved in prepaid phone cards, Card USA, Inc was then established in the United States to capitalize on the potential of the prepaid market, capturing the position of 9th largest producer of prepaid phone cards several years later. Card USA, Inc has been recognized by the Nilson Report as one of the main players in the card printing industry, and in 2003, Inc Magazine ranked Card USA, Inc #157 in the top 500 global private companies in the U.S.A. to watch.
Where we are today
As technology has evolved, so have our ideas and solutions. We’ve expanded our printing, production and technology capabilities without sacrificing our core competencies. We offer more products for your business, tailored solutions to meet your exact needs, and integrated technology that keeps you ahead of the curve.
Why choose us
Your business requires innovative solutions from experienced industry professionals.

That’s where we come in.

From application tools and system solutions using the latest technology, to design services, manufacturing, personalization, fulfillment and distribution, we provide end to end solutions.
Our clients benefit from:

  • Proven resources and expertise in all aspects of card production
  • A worldwide portfolio of clients built over 16 years of experience
  • A reputable network of global operations, sales, marketing & logistics
  • Customized card products, integrated smart card technology, unlimited production capacity & disaster recovery
  • A client –focused business strategy