Display cards

As online and mobile payments increase, consumers are looking for added measures of security when it comes to making purchases. Display cards are convenient, user friendly and provide remote authentication for ecommerce and online banking transactions. Featuring a small display panel with options for one or more touch sensitive buttons, display cards can be used to generate dynamic One-Time- Passwords (OTPs). With a standard credit card form factor, display cards complement and enhance traditional features such as magnetic stripes, signature panels, holographic chips and now, EMV smart chips.

Card USA, Inc’s Security Display Cards can be produced with state-of-the-art offset printing, screen-printing, variable imaging technologies, hologram, high-coercivity magnetic stripe and signature panel. For MasterCard/VISA Payment Display Cards, operations including contact chip embedding, card personalization and fulfillment.

We offer:

  • Single button display cards– – a press of button generates a one time password.
  • Multiple button touch display– -functionality of a standard payment card with the advanced security of 2 factor authentication. The key pad also enables card pin protection.
  • Information display Card—with a dual interface for contact and contactless communication and a dual One Time Password (OPT), users can manage their financial account information such as checking their account balance anywhere, at any time.
  • Visa CodeSure dot matrix display card – – a fully customizable card that supports various user preferences and languages.