SIM cards

The growth of technology and mobile SIM or Subscriber Identity Module cards are small portable plastic cards used most often in cellular phones for storage. Advanced technologies inside the microchips in SIM cards enable SIM cards to store and process information as well as other interactive features. Card USA, Inc delivers the latest standards in SIM card interoperability and compliance and offer custom packaging solutions for your business requirements.

  • GSMA SAS Certified Facility
  • ISO 9001:2000 certified
  • Capacity of over 300 million cards per year
  • Chip Operating System Architecture and Development
  • Customization & Application Development by request
  • Phase 2(2G), Phase 2+(2.5G),USIM & RUIM (3G)
  • Native OS, Java, or Open OS with STK, OTA, WIB, S@T, Dual IMSI, DMM and more
  • VAS (Value added services) and Applications Development
  • Full compliance with international SIM/ RUIM

Extensive range of SIM formats: mini(2FF), micro(3FF), full sized (1FF), 2 in 1, half sized card

Full Sized card

2 in 1 card