Artwork Guidelines

When submitting your artwork to Card USA, Inc. please make sure you adhere to these guidelines:



Card USA offers printing in 4 color process (CMYK), Pantone spot colors (PMS) and Grayscale (no RGB). Please use a Color Swatch Book when choosing the colors, as four color process and Pantone colors may not correspond to monitor colors and/or to un calibrated output services (printers).We accept artwork with Pantone colors and Grayscale, as long it is specifies and identifies properly within the file.


 Do not type text smaller than 12 pt. in a raster image (small text must be in vector mode). Text on the back of card MUST be provided in text or vector mode (QuarkXPress®, Adobe Illustrator®, InDesign®) Raster image files (PSD, TIF, JPG, etc.) may result in poor printing quality. Reverse text MUST NOT be smaller than 6 point, preferably a bold font. Please, DO NOT USE a serif or script font.

Illustrations and logos containing intricate detail should not be reversed. NEVER USE a font smaller than 5 point. Do not use True Type fonts. Only use Postscript or OpenType fonts.

All fonts used (screen and printer fonts) must be supplied with the file (including fonts used in support files). For the italic and bold styles, use the
corresponding font instead of applying styles. When using non-latin fonts (Hebrew, Chinese, Arabic…) please vectorize the fonts (convert to outlines).

Artwork File Format

Finished artwork must be sent as digital files for the Apple Macintosh® Computer. All file names must be in English and easily understandable.

Card USA will accept files from any version of the following software applications: QuarkXPress®, Adobe Illustrator®, Adobe InDesign® and Adobe Photoshop®. Files created in other software applications must be supplied as TIFF or EPS and must not require any modifications. Send only the necessary files to print (no duplicates or unnecessary files.) If you do not initially provide your layered Photoshop® files, have them ready to send in the event that we need to adjust them to our specifications.

Image Resolution

The resolution of an image must be 300 PPI or higher placed at 100%.


Artwork extending to the card edges requires a .125″ bleed for die cut tolerances. Images and text that don’t bleed should be .125″ inside die cuts.

Transmitting your file

Files may be supplied via the following:

  • USB Flash drive, CD or DVD
  • FTP (ask your Sales Associate)

All files other than JPEGs must be compressed using Stuff it or Zip format.