Secure Card Solutions & EMV Chip Card Migration Services

Offering the stability of over 17 years experience and the reliability of proven resources, Card USA provides banks and financial institutions with unique card related solutions and technology. We’ve adopted an on-going goal of identifying new opportunities to expand our potential, so our financial customers never fall behind in the rapidly evolving payments market.

Change is constant, but our core focus remains the same: To provide our clients with superior products, innovative solutions and enhanced experiences for their business.

From A to EMV- Everything you need to know.

chipTransitioning your current payment infrastructure requires expert knowledge and established industry experience. We are committed to providing our clients with the necessary tools and resources to help your financial institution adapt to the evolving payment landscape.

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EMV Chip Card- Present and Future

clockWe provide strategic consulting services for all stages of the EMV migration process, taking into account the current needs of our clients, as well as the potential for future, multiple smart card applications and mobile payment integration.


  • Assess your business needs to provide strategic guidance on all aspects of EMV migration.
  • Provide advisory support for determining the best methods to achieve a suitable and optimum configurations based on the Issuer’s business and risk management requirements
  • Leverage our global network of partners to ensure efficient and productive integration of new payment systems.
  • Help your bank identify challenging areas and perform risk assessment.
  • Guarantee quality assurance and expert support services.

Solutions & Services 

  • EMV Chip Card Migration consultancy
    • Training & Workshops
    • Chip Card Profile Definition
    • Data Preparation & Key Management Support
    • Implementations, Testing & Certifications
    • Complete Project Management
    • Documentations & Specifications
    • Post-Deployment Monitoring & Ongoing Support
  • Card Production & Supply Chain Management
    • Comprehensive EMV Card portfolio
      •  Contact, Contactless & Dual Interface cards
      • OS: Native – Java – GlobalPlatform – MULTOS
        • Static Data Authentication (SDA)
        • Dynamic Data Authentication (DDA)
        • Combined Data Authentication (CDA)
      • Multi-Applications Cards
        (e.g. Payment/Transportation)
  • Card Issuing Systems / Turn Key Solutions
    • Centralize Card Issuing Systems
    • Instant Issuing System
    • Solutions as a Service (SaaS)
    • Pay Per Card as you go
  • Test Tools
  • Card Management System (CMS)

Financial Services

finance-128We offer solutions to increase your bank’s efficiency, ensuring customer retention and boosting productivity.

Create added value and convenience for your customers with the ability to issue cards in-branch. We support smaller distribution models without sacrificing the integrity and capabilities of high volume issuing. We also offer an extensive range of card printers and embossers that make it easy for you to conveniently issue cards in-branch, saving your customers time. For high volume orders, we streamline the issuing process by producing cards at a central, secure facility with your cards then mailed to your customers for activation.

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  • Card Personalization Systems
  • Instant Issuance Systems
  • Central Issuing Systems
  • Data Preparation System
  • Crypto Server & HSM
  • Card Personalization Equipment
  • Thermal Card Printers & Embossing machines
  • Card Affixing

Concept to Delivery

SystemOur business model is founded on managing a network of trusted and reliable partners, giving our clients access to fully customizable solutions. With an extensive range of financial products and services, from traditional magnetic stripe cards to contact and contactless smart cards, we utilize the latest technology to provide end to end solutions for your financial institution.

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Card USA has integrated a 4 step process to assist banks with EMV Chip Card migration.

Define– After an initial consultation to determine your bank’s specific requirements, we help you define key strategic areas that need to be modified and identify risks and challenges that your bank might face when shifting to EMV. During this phase we provide consultancy services, resources for education and initiate the first phase in steering you in the right direction. Throughout the entire process, we maintain consistent and open communication to address any questions or concerns.
Design– We work with you to design your card program including options for card design, personalization, fulfillment and distribution to your cardholders.
Develop– Working with chip suppliers, issuers and industry organizations, we develop a customized program to address both short and long term strategies, as well as implement training procedures for bank managers and staff.
Deliver– The final stage before your bank is ready for a successful EMV rollout, is the execution of carefully planned strategies built on the foundation of our 4 step process. We demonstrate proven methods and deliver solutions so your cardholders receive their EMV cards quickly and securely. Enabling a smooth transition for your banks gives your customers the confidence that they are in good hands.


EMV Chip Card Migration & Consultancy

EMV Chip Card technology

A new era in payment solutions is here. EMV (Europay/Mastercard/Visa) chip technology is already in full effect in many countries with payment solution providers in the U.S. building their roadmap to adopt this new technology.

Now a worldwide standard for chip-based financial cards, EMV replaces the conventional magnetic stripe, offering instead more secure authentication methods, significant reduction in fraud and the benefit of global interoperability.

Seamless EMV Chip Card transition

Facing the task of ensuring that they will be ready to implement these changes and provide a smooth transition for their customers, banks and financial institutions are seeking solutions for EMV card deployment.

Card USA offers secure EMV enabled cards though Visa and MasterCard certified production facilities, as well as innovative solutions and professional guidance to assist with this migration.