Membership , Loyalty & Fulfillment

We provide organizations, businesses, retailers and more, with membership  & loyalty card solutions as well as full service fulfillment options that engage your current members and attract new ones.

With more and more people joining communities that relate to their common interests, membership card programs are a vital part of ensuring that your members feel connected to each other and to your organization. A well managed membership program can enhance your club’s ability to project a professional image and create a lasting impression with your members.

Getting these membership cards in the hands of your new and existing members couldn’t be easier. Offering a full service bureau, Card USA integrates end to end solutions from designing your card, printing, fulfilling and distributing right to your member’s doorstep. We take the guesswork and hassle out of managing multiple aspects of your membership card program and ensure that your cards are always delivered on time.

Membership & Loyalty

As part of your marketing campaign to increase membership and build customer loyalty, integrating a membership card program is a great way to provide additional benefits to your customers.  A customized membership card speaks to the attention and detail that your organization wishes to convey, maintains a professional company image, and creates a connection between you and your customers. A card in hand offers a tangible representation of your members’ affiliation and serves as a reminder for engagement and attendance, as well as contributes to increasing overall brand awareness and loyalty.

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With a wide array of card printing options, Card USA offers specialized consultancy and design services to help bring your membership card program to life. We can integrate multiple design elements to make your card stand out from the crowd and develop solutions that match the simplicity or complex nature of your program.

Whether your business requires custom background printing with options for instant issuance personalization, or you require large scale printing with options for inventory control and batch perso, we can design a solution that meets your exact requirements including:

  • High quality, full color printing for custom backgrounds and logos
  • Options for personalization applications
  • Card printers & consumables for customers in need of instant issuance solutions
  • Magnetic stripe, QR or barcode applications for tracking consumer data
  • Variable data including: member name, account number, expiration, program details, and more.
  • Customized carrier and envelope solutions to match your design aesthetic.


Taking your membership program to the next level by integrating a loyalty points system, provides a unique opportunity to strategically target members by creating customized discounts and rewards to ensure repeat purchases and strengthen customer relationships.

Not only can businesses and organizations offer tremendous add value, but tracking and monitoring consumer behavior and spending patterns allows for a more positive user experience and a way to build brand loyalty.

Card USA also provides the additional services required by loyalty solutions, such as :

  • Form printing
  • Data management
  • OCR processing
  • Software & fulfillment
  • Traditional CR80 cards
  • CR80 + key tag combos
  • Magnetic stripe & barcode printing for loyalty point redemption
  • Chip cards with multi- application options

 Fulfillment Solutions

In addition to our extensive suite of card products and services, Card USA offers our clients complete, turnkey solutions in the form of a full service bureau and fulfillment center. From card tipping to data matching with letters, carriers and label, we are able to manage both small and large inventories to quickly and efficiently dispatch your cards directly to your customers. With over 16 years of experience in card printing and personalization, your fulfillment job is handled with detail and accurate reporting.

We offer comprehensive solutions and a “one stop shop” for our clients, saving them time and money. From complete membership programs to complicated insurance cards, we offer a wide range of options that enable a high quality, customized program that works within your budget.

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Some of the personalization and fulfillment options that we offer are:

  • Ink-jetting
  • Thermal printing
  • Embossing
  • Application of variable data
  • Signature panel
  • Scratch- off label
  • Hot- Stamp & Holographic hot stamp
  • Encoding variable data on Magnetic stripes
  • Barcodes
  • CAS sorting and mailing
  • Card assembly
  • Inserting
  • Custom packaging solutions
  • Secure data processing
  • Folding and Gluing
  • Card Affixing
  • Direct mail packages
  • Mailing & Bulk preparation
  • Custom letters and carriers

Contact us today to see how we can develop a customized fulfillment program that works within your project timeline and budget.