Keep your customers connected. Our telecommunications portfolio offers end to end solutions from experienced industry professionals.

As part of the overall mobile experience, new technologies demand greater security from one device to the other. We manage a trusted and reliable platform of suppliers and partners that deliver secure solutions for an extensive range of SIM card formats and authentication, ranging from conventional usage to multiple applications.

SIM cards

sim_card_credit_user-512Card USA, Inc delivers the latest standards in SIM card interoperability and compliance including:

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SIM Card Operating System Architecture

  • Customization & Application Development by request
  • VAS Solutions
  • STK, DSTK, OTA, WIB, S@T, Dual IMSI, DMM, LBS, act.
  • GSMA SAS Certified and Compliance Facilities
  • Chip Operating System Architecture & Development
  • Customization & Application Development by request
  • Phase 2 (2G), Phase 2+ (2.5G), USIM and RUIM (3G)
  • 16K to 512K – Native OS, Java & Open OS
High Security Manufacturing & Packaging

  • SIM cards
  • Unique and Customized SIM cards Packaging Solutions

Format & Sizes
We offer a full range of SIM card formats and sizes:

    • Mini-SIM 2FF
    • Micro-SIM 3FF,
    • Nano-SIM 4FF
    • 2 in 1
    • Half
    • Custom

Prepaid Scratch Cards

1381433378_credit-cardA widely requested product from our telecom clients, our prepaid scratch cards can be customized to suit your specific requirements with special design options and additional security features to protect sensitive information.

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Scratch card options (paper or plastic)


Select the best options for your business requirements:

Custom sizes-
One of our most popular products, we feature the ‘5 up’ custom configuration that gives your customers the most efficient way to use their cards.
Multi pin –
Multi pin scratch cards allow for up to 5 pins on a single, standard size card, giving network operators a cost effective option for printing.
Standard scratch card –
Our standard scratch card can be printed with any design requested, including multiple scratch panel options such as regular hot stamp, holographic hot stamp and scratch off labels.

We offer various inkjet personalization and printing features including:
scratch off panels

  • PIN
  • variable data
  • barcodes
  • magnetic stripes
  • serial numbers
  • thermo ink
  • invisible ink
  • expiration dates

Security Features

To ensure that your cards are protected from fraud, we implement several secure methods of printing and packaging such as:
High security, tamper proof scratch off panels for variable data individual card wrapping or multiple card wrapping

Mobile Top-Up

1381273398_phoneOur mobile top-up solutions offer extensive benefits to service providers, including:

  • Reducing prepaid business overhead
  • Eliminating logistical and security issues
  • Increasing marketing penetration capabilities
  • Driving more revenue with flexible sale of multiple and low denominations
  • Minimizing fraud
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We apply the highest security standards:

  • Secure HTTP(S) for all web access/external connections
  • User ID/password authentication for internal users
  • Role based (ACL) access to system functions
  • All sensitive data encrypted before storage in hardened security database
Multi-tier, component based and scalable architecture

  • SIM cards
  • Technologies: JAVA, XML, JMS, JDBC, JNDI
  • Platforms: Solaris, Linux
  • Application Servers:
  • J2EE Standard, BEA Weblogic , IBM Websphere
  • Easy configuration and distribution
  • Integration with existing frameworks and delivery systems

Deployment options with rapid implementation and easy on-going maintenance

    • As integrated extensions within a Card USA Platform system
    • Micro-SIM 3FF,
    • Adds cash based top-up to a credit based top-up deployment
    • As a separate Mobile Agent system delivery
    • Supports cash based top-up only
    • Phased introduction of cash and credit based top-up, starting with cash

M2M- Machine to Machine

manipulator-256Card USA, Inc combines project management, strategic consulting and end to end solutions to implement a full range of M2M solutions. We offer a high level of reliability and security to position and transform your business as it moves towards wireless M2M communication.

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