We offer contactless ticketing solutions that reduce fraud, decrease congestion and facilitate a smoother travel experience for your passengers.

Moving at the speed of life.
With millions of people on the go everyday, mass transit systems operate at an overwhelming capacity. For passengers and transit operators, every second means the difference between leaving and arriving on time. Contactless cards give your commuters the freedom to travel faster, and transport authority personnel the ability to operate more efficiently and cost effectively.

Convenience & mobility.

Innovation_2-256Adhering to strict industry standards, we produce cards that are robust enough to handle everyday usage with emphasis on reliability, security and innovation.

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We offer products and solutions to simplify your customer’s travel experience with:

  • Proven resources for reliable manufacturing
  • End to end solutions from design to delivery
  • Contactless and duel interface cards, key fobs and stickers
  • Combined multi application card that house both transport and payments infrastructures

Travel faster and smarter with our contactless cards.

CardUSA - Travel FasterWith the ability to reload their cards and utilize multiple means of transport, our contactless ticketing options give commuters both freedom and flexibility. Scalable solutions mean that we can adapt to the varying needs of all sized transportation systems, as well as different levels of complexity.

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Our products enhance your transport authority’s brand with:

  • Innovative design, printing, technology integration.
  • Customized packaging
  • Certified centers to produce secure cards and solutions
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Full service bureau for card printing, personalization and fulfillment
  • Printers and equipment for onsite instant issuance
  • Multiple form factors